The Bayview Difference

At Bayview Loan Servicing, helping our borrowers is central to our business. Our high rate of success at helping our customers avoid foreclosure differentiates us from other loan servicing providers and has firmly established us as an industry leader and champion for our customers. BLS grew significantly in response to the needs arising from the financial crisis in 2008. We went to work to engage with borrowers on how to best help keep them in their homes. We forgave hundreds of millions of dollars in debt balance and lowered rates through loan modifications to try to help prevent foreclosures. Today, we operate with that same urgency and unwavering focus on customer service, to make an often stressful and complicated process as smooth and easy as possible. We proactively offer customers the opportunity to restructure their debt in many ways through our suite of streamline and traditional proprietary modification programs. Where home retention is not an option for a customer, we offer relocation assistance as part of our short sale and deed in lieu programs. Our dedicated employees deliver the highest level of customer experience in the mortgage servicing industry by providing easy loan management, help in the face of financial hardships, and respect in every interaction. BLS has a proven model working with customers in financial distress to achieve lower foreclosure outcomes compared to other loan servicers. We are proud to have helped nearly 200,000 customers stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure over our 20-year history and look forward to continuing to deliver outstanding results and service for many years to come.

Our Promises to Customers

Easy Loan Management - Your time is important to us, and making it easy for you to manage your loan is our top priority. We provide easy payment options as well as fast and accurate answers to your questions through online resources and services, our automated phone system, skilled customer service employees, and loan relationship managers. Help in the Face of Financial Hardships - Unforeseeable events can cause difficult and challenging financial situations. We will work with you and do our best to find solutions to preserve your property ownership or minimize the impact of your circumstance. We are here to help. Respect - We will be considerate of your needs. You can count on us to listen carefully to your concerns, respond promptly to your questions, follow through on our promises, and treat you politely and professionally in every interaction. Expertise - In this complex and shifting financial world, you can rely on us to service your loan in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. We take this responsibility seriously and have developed systems and trained our staff to expertly and accurately service your loan.

Community Efforts

Bayview enhances its leading servicing platform by partnering with local non-profits that specialize in consumer education and outreach. For example, Bayview partnered with Navicore Solutions to conduct a Home Retention Workshop in NJ and with Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago in IL. Through these workshops, which were designed to specifically assist borrowers whose loans were purchased through DASP following their transfer to Bayview Loan Servicing, homeowners were able to work directly with Bayview’s loss mitigation professionals and/or access partner housing counselors. The events helped homeowners in distress to understand their home retention options and begin the process to resolve their delinquency. Similar events took place for residents of Long Island, NY in partnership with SafeGuard Credit Counseling and for residents of Prince George’s County, MD in partnership with Home Free-USA. Over the years, Bayview has participated in Hope Now’s Outreach Events in Miami, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, and Houston, TX (conducted in direct response to Hurricane Harvey). Bayview also partnered with National Community Stabilization Trust to market Real Estate Owned (REO) properties through their First Look Program. Via this program, newly acquired REOs are marketed to local housing providers who seek to acquire foreclosed, abandoned properties within designated, targeted areas to revitalize neighborhoods, many times sold at a discount to their fair market value.

Home Retention and Neighborhood Stabilization Advisory Committee

Bayview has created an advisory committee with leading housing advocates. Through our relationship, the committee has helped Bayview improve its collaborations with nonprofits – especially as it relates to the management of vacant properties and improved borrower outreach strategies. Bayview has worked with the advisory committee to review Bayview’s processes, modification programs, foreclosure policies and practices including an analysis of our historical performance on HUD and GSE NPL Pools. This analysis was conducted to identify opportunities to improve outcomes for borrowers and communities.

Customer Feedback

Customer O.H.


“In my 11 years of marriage…I have had stunning anniversaries…But the best by far was this year thanks to Bayview…I must say when I was about to give up, this company, Bayview, in a short space of time took our financial hardship and turned it around. Other companies gave a lot of talk, false hope, and negative information. Now my wife and I, friends, and family can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Thanks again to Bayview you are a one of a kind mortgage company with honesty and know how to get the job done”

Customer J.A.


“Bayview’s representative today was absolutely wonderful…and my entire history speaking with everyone at Bayview Loan Servicing has been nothing but wonderful. Everybody has been kind, sweet, respectful, and helpful.”

Customer K.B.

North Carolina

“My loan was transferred to Bayview. I was very despondent because of what I had gone through before [with my prior mortgage servicers]. I wanted to keep my home and was trying to figure how I could…. [BLS employee] told me that he was going to work with me and make sure I get some type of response from underwriting regarding my modification. He basically "held my hand" so to say during the entire process. If he does this with all of his clients, then everyone should be writing you a "thank you" letter for having an amazing employee. [BLS employee] made sure I sent in the correct paperwork, even if he sat on the phone while I emailed it. He knew I wanted to keep my home and he made sure I was meeting deadlines and warned me of the ramifications if I missed the deadlines. I would call him and he would return my call if he wasn't available during the time I called.”

Customer N.G.


“I just wanted to give a commendation for [BLS employee], who provided excellent customer service in explaining the exact status, and helping me navigate through the statement, arrears, amount in suspense and balance due of my account that is in bankruptcy, today when I called with my attorney on the line.

Her knowledge of her job as well as friendly mannerism made what could otherwise be a stressful or confusing process, instead very easy and smooth sailing.”

Customer M.P.


“First of all, I will say thank you to the VERY EXCELLENT JOB done by [BLS employee], Asset Manager of Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC for helping me for the Approval of my Loan Modification and also to the people for their help. I am so glad and I cannot imagine that this is the happiest moment of my life, that the sadness that I suffered before turned to happiness.”

Customer R.J.


“This gives me an opportunity to express my appreciation for helping me through the modification process. In our first phone call early this year you were very patient as I vented about how we arrived at that point. From that moment forward you were always very friendly, professional, and helpful. It was an incredibly frustrating time and you did everything you could for me and my family.”

Customer P.W.

Tampa, FL

“I wanted to report that I had excellent customer service, I didn’t wait on hold, the representative was extremely pleasant, professional, and courteous. My mortgage was transferred from [Prior Servicer] with whom I had very unpleasant experiences. I appreciate the level of service that I am receiving from Bayview.”

Customer J.B.


“My wife and I experienced terrible financial problems. But our situation was worsened by the exceedingly bad management of [Other Mortgage Company] and its prior servicer [Other Mortgage Company]…the vast majority of people with whom I worked were either poorly trained or not concerned about doing their job well. We have had the complete opposite experience with [BLS employee] . Our loan would not have been modified if [BLS employee] had not given our situation his extraordinary, added attention. The lender’s motion for relief of stay would have been granted and we would have lost our house. Joe was persistent, and went far beyond what I would have expected from any typical employee… [BLS employee] is not a typical employee….reflecting positively on the image of the entire Bayview organization.”

Customer V.W.


“My overall experience with Bayview has been OUTSTANDING! This company understands life changes and bumps can span a life of a 30 yr loan. They have worked with me to keep my house and I have NEVER not ONCE felt humiliated talking to the representative. I will never want to go to another company EVER.”

Customer B.B.


“Good day…I have been BLESSED to satisfy my loan balance and thus conclude our current business together. I am quite convinced that this would not have been possible were it not for the focused, caring guidance of [BLS employee]…His diligent efforts and relentless creativity with regard to my unique situation deserve the highest recognition! He remained determined and focused as he continually sought outside of the box solutions to my unusual scenario…My hat is off to you as a company for having him on your team…Know that in my day to day business dealings I speak very highly of [BLS employee] and Bayview overall.”

Customer J.B.


“I wanted to take the time and tell you that [BLS employee] gave me great customer service in his assistance to help me complete my home modification. He helped me every step of the way with patience and knowledge…he was calm and directed my steps when I did not understand certain documents. I could not have done it without him. [BLS employee] is certainly a valuable asset to Bayview, and I appreciate all that he did to help me save my home. I am so grateful.”

Customer R.H.


“We, [Mr. and Mrs. R.H.], would just like to directly Thank You for all the help you gave us in processing our request. You were prompt, kind and professional. You gave clear and detailed instructions as well as remained available in case we had any questions…You have restored the hope we had when we purchased the home in 2005. Thank you again for all your help. Our future feels brighter because you took the time to explain that there was possible help.”